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We thought we would clarify our position on how and where we sell our products. We do not sell our books and Cuisenaire® Rods via any other website apart from our own. We do supply wholesalers who may use third party sites.

If you want to buy genuine products from the original Cuisenaire® Company founded in 1954 -formally known as Educational Solutions (UK) Ltd since the 1970s - this website is the only place you can do that with confidence.

We keep our prices as low as we can and only charge the actual shipping costs plus a little for packaging materials.

BREXIT update - we can still service EU orders. However, your order may be subject to VAT or import duty on delivery. This will be based on national requirements. So we do not apply this at the point of purchase.


This is a short note about our B stock policy.We are updating our stock of popular Maths Textbooks with modern reprints. Inevitably these versions will be more expensive than our current range.We will be replacing the B stock books in our Starter Packs, which will also have an impact on the retail price.However, we will [...]

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Educational Solutions (UK) Ltd is the original and exclusive trademark holder for Cuisenaire® in the UK. No other company has the right to use the trademarked name without our permission.There are other trademark holders in other countries e.g. USA. The global copyright holder for Dr Caleb Gattegno's work since 1977 is Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc. based in [...]

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New books, Summer reading.

We are now stocking several new books on our website.Perfect for those of you who are looking to do some research and reading this summer holiday, whilst recharging ready for the autumn term.We have added several books published by ATM which we think compliment the work of Dr C Gattegno and bring it into the [...]

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CPD Course in June 2018

We are delighted to announce that the ATM have organised a CPD course run by Helen Williams and Mike Ollerton in June 2018. Helen and Mike are two of the three authors of the ATM publication 'Cuisenaire®- from Early Years to Adult'.'This day course is a practical, hands-on workshop about using Cuisenaire® rods with learners from [...]

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"Working with Rods and Why" a new publication from ATM

We are very pleased to share another great resource from ATM which 'brings together inspirational writings on the theory of reforming maths education together with articles by primary teachers who exemplify the Cuisenaire-Gattegno approach in practice.'To download the pdf click here

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We are delighted to stock a new publication from the ATM, looking at using Cuisenaire Rods for teaching across the age ranges.Written by teachers and practitioners immersed in the Gattegno/Cuisenaire methodology, the book provides many real -world/classroom examples of their application.Buy your copy here

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Our new online shop

Welcome to our new and upgraded online shop. We have made it easier to find our most popular products, and streamlined the checkout process.

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