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This is a short note about our B stock policy.

We are updating our stock of popular Maths Textbooks with modern reprints. Inevitably these versions will be more expensive than our current range.

We will be replacing the B stock books in our Starter Packs, which will also have an impact on the retail price.

However, we will still have B stock books available on our website under a 'B STOCK BOOKS' heading and we will still sell Starter Packs with B stock books at a lower price.

Our B Stock books are the original publications, but they are showing their age with colouration of the pages or a drying of the binding glue. In some cases the staples are discolouring some of the pages. You may also notice an old book smell, as all our books are stored in our book room.

The content of the books is the same as the reprints. They are perfectly useable if you just want access to the text or need to buy in bulk but want to save some of the cost.

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