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You will have noticed that everyone else is increasing their prices. Raw materials, shipping costs, day to day costs like energy, courier costs and staff costs are affecting everyone you do business with.

Despite this pressure, we have kept our prices as low as we can with our prices still at pre-pandemic levels.

We think our prices are the lowest you are going to find for original Cuisenaire® Rods. As we stated in our earlier blog post we don't sell through third party sites, so buying from us directly is the only way you can guarantee you are getting our product.

We can't commit to holding our prices down forever - we may have no choice depending on the operating environment. But we shall certainly keep any rises to a minimum should that situation arise.

So, if you are hesitating over whether to make that purchase, we encourage you to do it now, as current stock is limited.  Orders are generally sent out within 24 hours.

Feel free to get in touch with any queries. 


A 2021 reprint of this seminal work by Madeleine Goutard is now available to buy on our website.Originally printed in 1963, this series of articles was originally written in French as advice to French- Canadian teachers in Quebec Province while they were trying out the new approach (as it was at that time) to elementary [...]

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Cuisenaire® Cardboard Materials. ‘Cuisenaire chose signs like these to represent all the factors less than 10 of the composite numbers up to 100. He also devised a wallchart containing them in an arrangement that makes it easy to see how they are linked together, and, in addition, he made a pack of cards with the symbols [...]

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We thought we would clarify our position on how and where we sell our products. We do not sell our books and Cuisenaire® Rods via any other website apart from our own. We do supply wholesalers who may use third party sites.If you want to buy genuine products from the original Cuisenaire® Company [...]

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This is a short note about our B stock policy.We are updating our stock of popular Maths Textbooks with modern reprints. Inevitably these versions will be more expensive than our current range.We will be replacing the B stock books in our Starter Packs, which will also have an impact on the retail price.However, we will [...]

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Educational Solutions (UK) Ltd is the original and exclusive trademark holder for Cuisenaire® in the UK. No other company has the right to use the trademarked name without our permission.There are other trademark holders in other countries e.g. USA. The global copyright holder for Dr Caleb Gattegno's work since 1977 is Educational Solutions Worldwide Inc. based in [...]

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COVID-19 crisis

We are currently accepting orders.We are operating in a safe environment with no more than one person in the office or warehouse at a time. We are not a big company so we can do this easily.During the UK's crisis we cannot guarantee to process your order in our usual prompt fashion. Whilst we are [...]

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The question of wooden and plastic rods

We are often asked whether we (still) supply wooden rods. Sometimes this comes from a sense of nostalgia, because customers used to have a wooden set when they were young and they want the same for their own children. Sometimes it is related to concerns about the environment and the use of plastic in general.We thought it [...]

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Now Johnny Can Do Arithmetic

We are pleased to say that we have recently taken delivery of a modern reprint of the influential book Now Johnny Can Do Arithmetic. We have updated our Starter Pack B with the new version. This does mean, however, that we have had to increase the cost accordingly. But we are including the new version [...]

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Cuisenaire® CPD Courses and Events

Inclusive Learning North are running a series of CPD courses at venues across Northern England during the Autumn Term 2018.Each attending school will get a free mini set of Cuisenaire® rods and a discount voucher towards other Cuisenaire® Company products.“The influence of maths teaching techniques in the Far East, involving the heavy use of concrete [...]

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